[Guide] Fix Camera And Bluetooth in MTK 64 Bit

This guide is to fix Bluetooth and Camera in MTK 64 Bit device running Android Lollipop. If you have ported a ROM For MTK 64 Bit device then you might face Camera and Bluetooth not working but I have got you covered. Also this fix can also work in a few Custom ROMs in MT65xx devices.

Replace :

- libbcc.so
- libbluetooth_jni.so
- libbluetooth_mtk.so
- libbluetooth_relayer.so
- libbluetoothdrv.so
- libbluetoothem_mtk.so
- libcam.camadapter.so
- libcamshot.so
- libcam.client.so
- libcam.exif.so
- libcam.iopipe.so
- libcam.paramsmgr.so
- libcam.utils.so
- libcamalgo.so
- libcamdrv.so
- libcamera_client.so
- libcamera_metadata.so
- libcameracustom.so
- libcameraservice.so

So, this is it guys. Hope you were able to fix your Camera and Bluetooth.

Credits :
Rohan Taneja


  1. Fix Camera

    1. thank you, really appreciate your support

  2. Any idea which files to replace when hardware (capacitive) keys aren't working properly?

    Like, my phone with 80% of the ROM's i port for it (4.4.x and 5.x) has wierd behavior for the home key in where it doesn't go to homescreen but just randomly selects a file(?) or something wierd...

  3. Can you guide me how to fix HDR mod when porting rom ! heliox10 rom !

  4. any one help me where to get the files and how to replace them

  5. Hello friend, first thanks for extraordinary work. I carried the rom but when opening the camera for the first time, the screen is completely green. the second time that I am opening this message "No connection to the camera," says a solution? some files that need to be replaced? Thank you.


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