[5.1][UPDATE] CyanogenMod 12.1 For MTK Supported Device List

CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop For MTK

CyanogenMod 12.1 Beta 7 For MTK is an aftermarket ROM based on real Lollipop. Beta 7 is the latest Beta of Cyanogenmod 12.1 for MTK. Much more stable than previous builds and I have fixed many bugs from previous builds. All the new fixes are listed in the ROM FEATURES section below.

This is a supported device list For CM 12.1 Beta 7 For MTK, This post will be updated as CM 12.1 Beta 7 will be ported to other devices
This version is super stable and GPS, Compass, USSD for more carriers is working and much more is working compared to Beta 7 For MT6592
This ROM has been powered by http://www.mtkroms.com
Do not port this ROM without my permission, Do not duplicate,re-blog, re-share or copy anything from this website. A lot of time and hard work has gone to make this Build just about bugless. Do not change credits. Must give credits to everyone mentioned below in the THANKS TO : section this is number one priority.
First take permission from me, contact me via the contact form in this site.

The credits must look like this :
"This ROM has been powered by http://mtkroms.com, the original ROM can be found at http://www.mtkroms.com/" This is a must, lot of hardwork has gone to make these ROMs

USSD Fix For All Networks : Click Here


- Very stable
- All CM 12.1 Features
- GPS is working (Screenshot proof above)
- Compass is working (Screenshot proof above)
- Apps appear in app drawer without having to reboot
- Hotspot working (Screenshot proof above)
- Offline Charging working
- Power Bug Removed
- FM Radio sometimes works (mostly doesn't)
- 3G Working
- MIC Working
- Auto Rotate Working
- Smooth no lag
- Games like Clash Of Clans working smoothly
- USSD (only some carriers but range of carriers has increased)
- No network drops or call issues (called till 10 mins, no errors)
- Good battery backup
- VPN is working on PsiPhon and Orbot Perfectly (See screenshot proof Above)
- Much louder and high quality audio
- Input devices like Mouse and Keyboard working
- Proximity Sensor Is Working
- Many more fixes and changes

- Video recording doesn't work in default cam - added 3rd party app in ROM for fix
- Tell me

Join my FB Group for Updates on this ROM and more support :

- Some instructions must be followed in order for the the ROM to work how it is supposed to. Since it is a little long (not hard at all) I made a separate post for it.
Check the Post here : Click Here

- Fire855 - The man who made CM for MTK Possible
- Ajit Guraya - Making this ROM possible, Fixed many bugs (all fixes are listed in ROM FEATURES section), updating ROM, providing support, porting guide, making this ROM for MT6582 and MT6592
- KM (Konstantinos Maliagkas) - Ported CM 12.1 Beta 7 To Lenovo A536
- Iyke Quame - Ported CM 12.1 Beta 7 To Techno H6
- Audrius - Ported CM 12.1 Beta 7 For GSmart Mika M3
- Daniil Sidelinkov - Ported CM 12.1 Beta 7 For Lenovo A328
- pocarropa

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  1. dual sim support? youtube full resolution? hotspot tethering?

    1. Hopefully in the next update it will be stable and no bugs :D


  3. can i use this rom for my htc desire 616,it is using mt6592,running on 4.2.2

  4. is the camera zero shutter lag? youtube 720p?

    1. oh ya, and can i use this on xiaomi redmi note 3g?

  5. For Ajit Guraya (MTK Hacker Pro)
    I have one question, now my device got upgrade to lolipop. So, can I port this rom to my mt6582 lolipop?

    1. no, this ROM is based on 3.4.67 kernel

    2. So, how i can port CM rom bro? Can i port from Android one?

  6. my device is philips s388 kitkat soc 6582. i try to port this rom for my devie but i got boot loop. you cant give me guide to port cm12 for my device. thank you so much

    1. the porting guide is in the original post of CM 12.1 Beta 7


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