[4.4.2] PussyFap V4 Beast Edition For Techno H6

Custom ROM For Techno H6

PussyFap V4 Beast Edition is an aftermarket ROM for Techno H6, which is based on Lollipop UI and full of amazing features and mods. This port has been possible due ot an amazing friend on mine Iyke Quame.
Here is the official post from where you can download and port the ROM (Porting Guide is also in the post below) :

This ROM has been powered by http://www.mtkroms.com
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For more screenshots, ROM features and porting guide check out the official post here : 

- Team Pussy
- Iyke Quame - For Porting to Techno H6
- Ajit Guraya - For Porting Guide

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